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Carsten Nicolai - Syn Chron (2004)

Syn Chron is an integral sculpture of light, sound and architecture. The translucent skin of the crystal-shaped body besides its function to define the spatial structure of the object additionally serves as an interface for a synchronized play of light and sound.

The object at the same time is a room for spatial experience, an acoustic resonance body, and a projection surface. the visitor is witness to an interplay of electronic sound – transmitted onto the surface of the crystal shape – and programmed laser beams that are visible both on the outside and the inside. 

Syn Chron hereby creates an synaesthetic experience: on the level of human perception space, light and sound blend into each other to form a holistic experience.”


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no matter how many followers i get i swear only 12 people actually read my posts

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*looks both ways* no cops around *runs across street during red light* the perfect crime

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